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Vertical Borehole Heat Pump System At Renovated Barn

Vertical Borehole Heat Pump System At Renovated BarnTop Yard Barn is a large residential barn conversion situated in an idyllic area of Derbyshire. A portion of the barn is rented out as holiday accommodation throughout the year.

The owner was very keen to get away from running an expensive, dirty oil fired heating system and look at a cleaner, more efficient renewable heat source.

Project Scope

The barn had a limited amount of usable ground area, had restrictions on the location of air handling units and a large capacity output was required to heat the barn.

For these reasons Coefficient specified a vertical, closed loop collector system and a high output Danfoss DHP-R ECO heat pump to provide all heating and hot water requirements.

Project Benefits

  • The barns heating system is now more efficient, cleaner with the overall benefit of lower running costs.
  • The owner will also benefit from the non-domestic RHI scheme for a period of 20 years.

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