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Online Mobile Remote System Management

Online Mobile Remote System ManagementThe Danfoss OnLine accessory enables you to control and monitor your heat pump from any smartphone, computer or tablet – wherever you are in the world. For example, you can reduce the temperature when you are on holiday, even if you forgot to do so before leaving home. You can also easily increase the temperature to ensure that your home is warm and welcoming when you return.

You can use Danfoss OnLine at any time to check your heating system is working properly. If anything unexpected comes up and needs to be fixed, you – or your installation engineer, where agreed – will immediately receive this information via OnLine. This is an excellent tool for controlling and monitoring several locations remotely; for example, if you have a holiday cottage with a heat pump or have relatives who need assistance.

Danfoss OnLine connects your heat pump to your home broadband or mobile modem. Our OnLine app is available for both Android and iPhone.