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Heat Pump Servicing

The correct set up and installation is critical for the performance of a heat pump system. In addition to implementing new installations, Coefficient Heating can also provide a support service to your existing property and its heat pump system. Whether or not your system was installed by Coefficient, we can provide a call out service for problematic and inefficiently operating installations. If you are having issues with your current system we can provide a comprehensive assessment and give guidance on improvements that could enhance the overall efficiency of the system.

  • Heat pump repairs
  • Heat pump servicing
  • Heat pump trouble shooting/problems

Heat Pump Problem Solving

In many cases our call out experience has seen installations that were not designed or implemented in an optimum manner. This is in cases where a lack of installer experience has led to a performance issue with a heat pump or whereby cost cutting may have taken place. Coefficient Heating offer expertise in solving heat pump problems for both new and old installations. Heat pump problems are expected to be on the increase as more installations take place each year in the UK. We are confident that we can help you with your heat pump in the short term and also with ongoing servicing over the lifetime of the hot water and heating system.

Moved Home To A Property With A Heat Pump

If you have moved home into a property that has a heat pump and underfloor heating we can help you get the system running to an optimum outcome. Many people are now moving into buildings, homes and property where the hot water and heating system uses either an air source heat pump or ground source heat pump. Coefficient Heating is on hand to service your heat pump and offer ongoing support to ensure that your system is running to maximum efficiency. We have experience in heat pumps supplied by all major manufacturers.

We are available to provide an initial diagnostic of your heat pump installation so in the first instance please call us on 0114 327 0100 or email us on