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Heat Pump FAQ

How energy efficient is a heat pump?

Heat Pump Systems can be over four times as energy efficient as the most efficient gas or oil boiler. Instead of burning a fuel and producing the associated emissions they simply move energy that already exists, stored solar energy.

What is seasonal performance?

Seasonal performance express the performance of a heat pump over a full year given the heating distribution system, hot water system and the actual customer demand. Proper dimensioning, installation and commissioning is needed to obtain highest possible seasonal performance. Seasonal performance is the standard measure for Danfoss Heat Pumps when designing and building heat pumps, as seasonal performance is the real measure of efficiency.

How do I choose between an air source and a ground source Danfoss Heat Pump?

This choice is dependent on various factors; We will be able to guide you through the entire process.

Where should I put a heat pump?

Either in your utility room, basement or even out in the garage.

Do they make much noise?

No, they hum like a large refrigerator. The units we supply have had many years of research and development that has included major noise and vibration reduction.

Can under floor heating be used with a heat pump?

Yes under floor heating, radiators or a mix of both for heat distribution in your building. In commercial buildings, air distributed systems can be used.

Will it provide enough hot water for baths showers and domestic hot water?

With the correct design and equipment, all domestic hot water requirements would be provided by the air source or ground source heat pump throughout the year.

Will it heat a building on the coldest winter day?

Yes it will. Thousands of these systems have been installed for many years in some of the most northern parts of Scandinavia where the winters are very hard and long. The key is the design and specification process so the system provides enough energy for the application.

Is it possible to connect solar panels to the system?

Yes, of course, and there are many alternatives, from simple additions to complicated systems. They provide extra energy.

Will the Danfoss Heat Pump work in combination with single room controls?

Yes, Danfoss control system properly commissioned will work perfectly alright with single room controls.

How much does it cost to install a heat pump?

There is no general answer to this question. The cost depends on your house, energy consumption and what features you want. We can give you a precise quotation depending on your circumstances.

Why should I buy a Danfoss Heat Pump?

There are many manufacturers with a wide range of products available. Danfoss is the only one with experience in the design and installation of heat pump systems combined with 80 years manufacturing expertise in the heating and refrigeration industries. Our first heat pump with integrated hot water tank was manufactured in 1973, and we have been researching and improving our technologies ever since. Danfoss is ideally situated to provide valuable advice and information in all areas of the heat pump market, from product selection to system design and commissioning.