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Energy from the ground to heat your home

Energy from the ground to heat your home A Ground Source Heat Pump System harnesses energy stored in the ground and is a very clean, reliable and economic way to heat your home.
Heat energy is collected by a fluid circulating in lengths of pipe buried one metre below the surface of an appropriate area of land, or installed vertically in bore holes if space is limited.

At the heart of any heat pump is a refrigeration system which picks up heat energy from the environment at one temperature and delivers it at a higher temperature to your central heating and domestic hot water cylinder.

Simon and Rachael live in a traditional stone build house in a popular Derbyshire village. They decided to heat their home using a Ground Source Heat Pump System, but as the area of land around the house was not large enough for horizontal heat collecting pipework the heat pump was connected to vertical loops, installed in three bore holes.

The heat pump provides all their domestic hot water and heats the house via underfloor heating pipework on the ground floor and traditional radiators upstairs.

Rachael explained "the need for alternative heating was due to the ever increasing price of oil, living in a village with no mains gas, we looked at Ground Source Heat Pumps as an option for heating in our new home. We knew there would be a major initial investment but we also knew it would add value to our property in the long run."

"After looking for suitable companies we came across Cofficient Renewable Heating, a local company, who we found very helpful and honest with their approach so, for these reasons, we decided to go with them to commission our ground source heating system. From first installation through to service and aftercare they have held our hand every step of the way, ensuring all our requirements were met. We have had complete trust in them and we couldn’t recommend them highly enough."

Note that from this year, the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme for domestic properties will provide a quarterly payout, for seven years, which will offset the investment in this type of heating technology.

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