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Danfoss GSHP L Ground Source Heat Pump

Danfoss GSHP LThe DHP-L is a efficient heat pump for space heating and hot water production. The DHP-L using the latest in technological components to create a heat pump which is reliable and environmentally friendly. This heating only system can be combined with a separate hot water tank that features our patented TWS technology. Aesthetically, the 200ltr and 300ltr hot water tanks match the heat pump for a flush design.

This unit features a low height, ideal for homes or properties with a limited head room.

TWS Technology (Tap Water Stratification available only with DWH water tank)

Danfoss has developed a unique and patented method of water heating; TWS. This function results in more efficient heat transfer and more effective layering of water. The method supplies plenty of hot water quickly and efficiently. This allows a TWS equipped heat pump to retain its phenomenal efficiency.

TWS Technology (Tap Water Stratification available only with DWH water tank)A TWS water heater uses a technique where the hot water from the heat pump is led through a coil in the water to be heated. The water in the heater is also split so that some of the water reaches the correct temperature more quickly. TWS provides more efficient heat transfer and more warm water.

The main benefits of the DHP-L are:

  • higher efficiency - the DHP-L produces hot water as a bonus at the same time as the house is heated
  • the DHP-L operates at a low sound level and can easily be supplemented to produce cost effective cooling
  • there is also the option to control and monitor it via the Internet