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Danfoss GSHP L Opti-Pro Ground Source Heat Pump

Danfoss GSHP L Opti-ProDHP-L Opti Pro is a ground source heat pump which may be used for heating only solutions or the range can be combined with a separate hot water tank that produces more hot water than traditional heating systems whilst consuming less energy with our TWS technique. The separate hot water tank (the Danfoss DWH Opti ) is available in volumes of 200 and 300 litres.

DHP-L Opti Pro has a low height, thus ideal for houses or commerical properties with restricted head room where the equipment is to be sited.

State Of The Art Heat Pump Technology

Opti technology combined with the HGW function takes this solution one step further. By controlling the circulation pump (warm side) during hot water production, the Opti technology will allow even quicker replenishing of the hot water tank and a completely controlled stratification of the hot water. Higher temperatures are achieved by HGW.

Opti TechnologyOpti Technology

Opti technology incorporates an intelligent control system that via speed controlled circulation pumps ensures that the performance is always adjusted to the prevailing requirements and conditions of the heating system. This ensures the heat pump always operates in the most efficient manner. It delivers maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption guaranteeing you the highest possible SPF, second by second, hour by hour.

HGW (Hot Gas Water heater) Technology

A small proportion of the heated water that is routed out into the house's heating system, passes the extra de-superheater. It is then heated up further to between 50–90°C before going into the water tank. The result is extra and even hotter tap water during the months of the year that the house is heated.

TWS Technology (Tap Water Stratification available only with DWH water tank)

Danfoss has developed a unique and patented method of water heating; TWS. This function results in more efficient heat transfer and more effective layering of water. The method supplies plenty of hot water quickly without producing 'unnecessarily' hot water. This allows a TWS equipped heat pump to retain its phenomenal efficiency. A TWS water heater uses a technique where the hot water from the heat pump is led through a coil in the water to be heated. The water in the heater is also split so that some of the water reaches the correct temperature more quickly. TWS provides more efficient heat transfer.

The main benefits of the DHP-L Opti Pro are:

  • higher efficiency - the DHP-L Opti Pro produces hot water as a bonus at the same time as the house is heated
  • the DHP-L Opti Pro operates at a low sound level
  • there is also the option to control and monitor it via the Internet