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Danfoss CHP DHP-S Eco High Capacity Heat Pump

Danfoss CHP DHP-S Eco High CapacityThe DHP-S Eco is a high-capacity heat pump designed for larger homes or small commercial properties.

Ideal for nurseries, homes, offices or shops, the DHP-S Eco offers outstanding performance combined with a streamlined control system to provide a flexible heating and hot water solution.

This unit features a low height, ideal for homes or properties with a limited head room.

Optimised For A Wider Market

Powerful, affordable and easy to size and operate, the DHP-S heat pump is designed specifically for installation in larger homes and light commercial buildings. The unit is suitable for all systems, whether bedrock, surface ground or groundwater and offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Compact size for quick and easy installation
  • High efficiency for lower energy consumption
  • Built-in de-super heater for higher hot water temperatures
  • Ability to control two heating systems simultaneously

The unit is easily expandable with convenient options - including online control, and cooling production for a complete year-round comfort system.

Danfoss CHP DHP-S Eco High Capacity Heat PumpPerfect Control

The DHP-S Eco strikes just the right balance between commercial system power and efficiency and residential ease of use. Tailor-made for this market, the “set and forget” control system provides all the functionality you need without having to pay for unnecessary extras.

Hassle Free Upgrade

The DHP-S Eco takes the hassle out of upgrading a traditional fossil fuel system to a more sustainable solution. Once the optimised system is installed, you will quickly forget it's even there! What you won't forget is the efficient, low-cost, eco-friendly performance it delivers, as it keeps your building warm and comfortable for many years to come.

The DHP-S Eco range offers reliable and efficient heat pumps with capacities: 20, 26, 35, 42kW.