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Danfoss CHP DHP-R Eco High Capacity Heat Pump

Danfoss CHP DHP-REcoThe DHP-R Eco is a large capacity heat pump that produces efficient heating and comfort cooling. The R range offers reliablity and efficiency, with capacities between 20 and 42kW. Up to 8 heat pumps can be combined for even higher requirements

Superb hot water production with legionella cycles.

The DHP-R Eco produces hot water quickly and efficiently. The normal water temperature is sufficiently high to prevent the growth of legionella bacteria, but as an extra precaution, the DHP-R Eco can regularly heats the water to higher temperatures to further minimize the risk.

Advanced control system which is easy to control and monitor via the internet.

Featuring an advanced control system, this heat pump is equipped with an integrated web server that can be easily controlled via the internet; Ideal for those whom own several buildings or live somewhere other than in the building. Just connect a network cable to your heat pump to receive information about current temperatures, operating history etc. wherever you are in the world.

It is also possible to change settings via the web. The system also has a high level of security that makes it impossible for unauthorised users to make changes to the settings. If something needs to be rectified, it will let you know automatically by e-mail or SMS.

Danfoss CHP DHP-R Eco High Capacity Heat PumpBenefits of the DHP-R Eco in brief:

  • High annual efficiency minimises energy consumption
  • Simple and logical controls make the system easy to use
  • Intelligent controller monitors the whole system (heat pumps, auxiliary heat, cooling, up to 8 sub-shunt groups, hot water).
  • Easy communication with Building Management Systems
  • Superb hot water production with the added benefit of an anti-legionella function
  • Built-in desuperheater for increased hot water temperature
  • Compressor technology developed for heat pump operation
  • Our internet monitoring facility provides you with the re-assurance with SMS or email in the unlikely event that a fault should occur
  • Compact in size – simple installation
  • Quiet operation.
  • Suitable for all systems: bedrock, surface ground, groundwater and exhaust air

The DHP-R Eco range offers reliable and efficient heat pumps with capacities: 20, 26, 35, 42kW