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BW10 Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump

BW10 Ground Source Heat PumpBW10 Commercial Ground Source Heat PumpThe BW10 units were especially designed for heating applications with a leaving water temperature of 65°C (without supplementary heating).

The main features of this product range are:

  • Reduced footprint, ideal for refurbished buildings or properties with small plant rooms. For larger heat loads, the units can be stacked
  • A COP above 5 satisfies even the most stringent standards, with a leaving water temperature of up to 65°C without supplementary system.
  • The standard low sound level allows installation in any building type and the low-noise option ensures enhanced acoustic comfort (-3 dB(A)).
  • The controller is an intelligent yet easy to use interface that can manage the operation of the compressor, evaporator and condenser water pumps and fans. This product range offers a unique combination of high performance and functionality in an exceptionally compact chassis.