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AW05 Air Source Heat Pump

AW05 Air Source Heat PumpThe new generation of high-temperature heat pumps was designed for commercial applications such as the heating of offices, apartments and hotels as well as domestic hot water production in new and refurbished buildings.

The main features of this product range are:

Energy Savings

The AW05 range is certified to the Eurovent energy efficiency class A with a coefficient of performance (COP) of over 4. This complies with the COP required by the Ecolabel certification.

Ease Of Installation

The high-temperature heat pumps incorporate a hydronic module with a multi-speed pump, as standard. An optional hydronic module with a variable-speed pump that automatically adapts to the system requirements is also available.

Easy Integration

The low noise levels of the AW05 heat pump and its very compact chassis reduce the noise disturbance from the unit.

Application FlexibilityApplication Flexibility

The operating range allows outside temperatures down to -20°C and leaving water temperatures up to 65°C for domestic hot water applications.


  • Intelligent unit control permits unit operation in extreme conditions, minimising unit shut-down times.
  • Hot water production at 65°C is available continuously.

Danfoss quality is your guarantee for the safety and durability of the installation.

The new generation of high-temperature heat pumps incorporates the latest technological features:

  • scroll compressors with vapour injection
  • low-noise fans made of a composite material
  • auto-adaptative microprocessor control
  • electronic expansion valve
  • multi-speed pump.

The high-temperature heat pumps can be equipped with a hydronic module that is integrated into the heat pump chassis, limiting the installation to straight-forward operations like the wiring and the connection of the hot water supply and return piping.