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DHP-AQ Air Source Heat Pump

DHP-AQ Air Source Heat PumpThe DHP-AQ air source heat pump uses innovative technology to operate at the highest possible annual efficiency, in fact, the DHP-AQ has one of the best seasonal performances in the market, due to non-stop optimisation of key performance parameters air flow (variable speed EC fan), heat pump (electronic EXP valve) and heating distribution (Optimum technology).

Stays Hot In The Cold

Even at -20°C, the DHP-AQ will keep a house comfortably heated. Inbuilt defrosting technology ensures the energy efficiency and full functionality of the heat pump even during a cold winter.

The defrosting system of the DHP-AQ is fully demand controlled and will only run when necessary. The built-in heated drip-tray ensures that condensed water is channelled away properly from the heat pump.

Hot water too will not be affected in the cold winter with a continuous sustainable production. Additional heaters are not required, as the heat pump will supply 100% of the hot water demand even during cold periods (patented TWS technology provide higher hot water volumes and quicker recharge time)

Low Sound LevelsLow Sound Levels

The DHP-AQ has been developed to deliver one of the lowest sound levels in the market during operational mode. Low sound levels are achieved by the unique acoustic engineered design and an optimised air flow.

Flexible Heat Pump Designs

The DHP-AQ is applicable for all types of properties with an extensive range from 6kW to 36kW. The controller is flexible and can be adapted to meet customer specific needs in terms of comfort (heating, cooling and hot water). It includes a timer/calendar function for further adaptation andthe intelligence of the controller ensures that no manual intervention is needed once the heat pump is commissioned.

DHP-AW Air Source Heat Pump Connection

1 Supply line heating system (all sizes) - 28 mm Cu
2 Return line heating system (all sizes) - 28 mm Cu

The DHP-AQ is available with a choice of three distinct indoor kits:
Mini, Midi and Maxi. 

DHP-AW Air Source Heat Pump Connection

Indoor Heat Pump Units

Mini: controller
Midi: controller, circulation pump (class A),
auxiliary heater (400V - 3/6/9/12/15 kW; 230V - 3/6/9 kW), three way valve
Maxi: controller, hot water tank (180 l), circulation pump (class A),
auxiliary heater (400V - 3/6/9/12/15 kW; 230V -3/6/9 kW), three way valve

Indoor Heat Pump Units